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evolveVoucher has transformed my life and my sanity

As a solo practitioner CJA panel attorney, evolveVoucher has transformed my life and my sanity. As someone on the older side of the technology spectrum, it took me a couple of vouchers to get the hang of things. But once I did, it was effortless.

We all know how antiquated eVoucher is and how much time we consume with billing - the one task we're not compensated for. The additional hours I'm able to devote to compensated work because of the evolveVoucher program is unquantifiable.

evolveVoucher is user friendly and well worth the money. Think about it this way: even if it only takes you an hour to do one CJA20 voucher, that's an hour you could be working an billing $152 while spending only $20.00

Edie Rogoway Criminal Defense Attorney - CJA

evolveVoucher is excellent at what it does

evolveVoucher is excellent at what it does, which is fully automating the CJA-voucher time-input process, reducing what used to often be a full-evening, mind-numbingly dull task that I personally found introduced more errors that it caught, into a process that takes on average probably 5-10 minutes. If you value your time at all, it’s well worth the $20.

Carter B. Harrison IV Attorney

Evolve Voucher is easy to start using and has saved me dozens of hours

It’s so easy…

Evolve Voucher is easy to start using and has saved me dozens of hours. Entering data, from all of my employees, into eVouchers was frustrating and time-consuming. I would put it off until I absolutely had to bill, finding the time in evenings and weekends.

Using Evolve has changed all of that. Even a lengthy bill is uploaded in a matter of minutes, and it all happens in the background without any effort. Now that I can bill more often, my company has a more reliable stream of income allowing me to better manage my financials.

Russ Bretan Owner, Court Discovery Management

Error-free & frustration-free CJA Billing

After years of using the same billing protocols my assistant and I were hesitant to change our methods. However, being afraid of change should never stop you from learning new skills and trying new technology. After adding our activity codes in Clio consistently, when we uploaded the data, we realized how much time would be saved. The setup that seemed daunting at first (matching activity codes like a decoder ring) took only a couple of minutes on the first bill, and on the second bill it remembered those matches and my bill was entered into the system in minutes, error-free, and more importantly, frustration-free. We will never look back at our old methods.

Lisa Ludwig CJA Attorney - Oregon

EvolveVoucher simplifies the whole process

EvolveVoucher is a lifesaver! I dreaded doing my quarterly vouchers before discovering evolveVoucher. EvolveVouchee simplifies the whole process. I input all activities and hours directly into the evolveVoucher spreadsheet you provide at the end of each day (or within a few days). Then when it's time for voucher filing, all I have to do is double-check my work, add in any work that I might have missed (usually emails), then upload using the evolveVoucher application. It saves an incredible amount of time. I can then just focus on my billing justifications, and poof I’m done.

So thank you for this. $20 a voucher is so worth the time and effort and frustration and dread that is saved.

Etan Zaitsu CJA Attorney, Criminal Defense

Excellent, time-saving service

I cannot thank evolveVoucher enough for putting out an excellent, time-saving service. I finished a complex federal trial, with hundreds of time entries. Without evolveVoucher, this would have easily taken numerous hours of processing and duplication from my firm software into the CJA system. Thanks to evolveVoucher, it was completed in a matter of minutes. Thank you!

Felix Valenzuela CJA Attorney

Biling data conversion into the CJA system is a breeze

Evolvevoucher has saved our small practice and me hours of time and frustration. The easy-to-download custom file makes it much easier to input all of our time and expenses into an Excel spreadsheet. It is quicker and easier to categorize, review, and make edits to entries. The conversion into the CJA system is a breeze.

I am very impressed with evolveVoucher’s prompt and attentive customer service. A slight problem occurred with the new CJA eVoucher single login. They responded and fixed the problem fast, so that I could get back to the more important role of service to our clients.

Becky Hodson Rivera Law, Kansas

...Making the crucial work of CJA attorneys less burdensome

For a small firm doing CJA work, this is invaluable. It seamlessly integrates with our practice management software and eliminates the headache, frustration, and tedium of CJA billing. The design and interface are elegantly simple and highly functional, and the per-voucher fee is well worth the time and money saved—and earned. After using evolve Voucher, doing it the old way would be like going back to dial-up internet access.

William Brown CJA Panel Attorney

What used to take almost a full day now takes minutes.

I’ve started using EvolveVoucher for billing my CJA cases and it’s been an enormous time-saver.

I make all of time and expense entries in my office’s billing system for all of my cases. For CJA matters I used to cut-and-paste between my billing system and the court’s CJA evoucher webpage. Using EvolveVoucher has entirely eliminated the time-consuming task of making the same entries twice, and then double-checking for errors and mistakes. Now, with a few keystrokes, I can create my CJA vouchers directly from my office’s billing system. What used to take almost a full day now takes minutes.

Mark Kassabian Attorney & CJA Panel Member

evolveVoucher saves me hours of administrative tasks

As a sole practitioner with no support staff, my time is at a premium. Every minute spent on administrative tasks I look at as a minute I’d rather spend on billable time or relaxing in my backyard. I joined the CJA Panel in 2016, and quickly found that filling out vouchers was the single biggest time drain on my practice. The average eVoucher would take me 3-4 hours to complete, painstakingly re-creating each invoice entry one at a time. Unfortunately for me, it was a few years before I discovered evolveVoucher. Spending $20 per voucher is a no-brainer, as it saves me multiple hours that I can put towards billable work. It access eVoucher through a secure portal, without keeping your data, so it’s safe to use too. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Erik Eklund Criminal Defense Attorney, CJA Panel

Amazingly Simple & Flawless Uploads

I had a CJA capital case and needed to do an interim bill. I put off billing literally for months because of the time I knew would be involved in manually entering time from my billing program into eVoucher. When I did bill, I had more than 500 time entries.

I remembered seeing mention of evolveVoucher in an email from the NACDL. I tried the program, and uploaded all of my slips and completed my voucher in about 20 minutes. I was amazed at how simple the program was to use and how flawlessly my information was imported into eVoucher. I plan to use evolveVoucher for every CJA case I handle regardless of size.

George Hildebrandt CJA Attorney