User Manuals: Step by Step Instructions

evolveVoucher is a local, desktop application that aids CJA attorneys and providers in uploading their data to eVoucher without the hassle and potential data entry error of entering data twice. 

It’s so easy you probably don’t need instructions… But you’re also probably the kind of person who would read them anyway. 

What used to take almost a full day now takes minutes.

I’ve started using EvolveVoucher for billing my CJA cases and it’s been an enormous time-saver.

I make all of time and expense entries in my office’s billing system for all of my cases. For CJA matters I used to cut-and-paste between my billing system and the court’s CJA evoucher webpage. Using EvolveVoucher has entirely eliminated the time-consuming task of making the same entries twice, and then double-checking for errors and mistakes. Now, with a few keystrokes, I can create my CJA vouchers directly from my office’s billing system. What used to take almost a full day now takes minutes.

Mark Kassabian Attorney & CJA Panel Member

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