How does evolveVoucher work?

EvolveVoucher is an application that resides locally on your computer so you control your data. The only information transmitted to us is your user information for the application and billing information for voucher uploads.  

From there, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Select your usual billing software from our ever-growing list of supported applications (Billings Pro, Clio, TimeSolv, Timeslips, and a custom Excel CSV file if you don’t use a practice management software), match your activity codes, and then click “add slips to bill,”

From there, evolveVoucher will open a browser window on your computer so you can enter your evoucher credentials directly into evoucher. Your CJA form is created, your slips uploaded, and your data saved. No more keeping two sets of records, no more manual duplication of data entry. Just lightening fast CJA billing.


Error-free & frustration-free CJA Billing

After years of using the same billing protocols my assistant and I were hesitant to change our methods. However, being afraid of change should never stop you from learning new skills and trying new technology. After adding our activity codes in Clio consistently, when we uploaded the data, we realized how much time would be saved. The setup that seemed daunting at first (matching activity codes like a decoder ring) took only a couple of minutes on the first bill, and on the second bill it remembered those matches and my bill was entered into the system in minutes, error-free, and more importantly, frustration-free. We will never look back at our old methods.

Lisa Ludwig CJA Attorney – Oregon