We think it’s important to credit people for their accomplishments. We’re grateful to the following companies and partners for making evolveVoucher a time-saving reality for our Federal Defender CJA colleagues: 

Supersuit.AI is headquartered in Seattle, WA.  Supersuit has worked cooperatively with us to increase the stability and reliability of evolveVoucher, to respond to changes in eVoucher (which sometimes happen quietly and quickly), and to ensure we have a nearly 100% up time response for the application.

Run by the genius behind HBOGo (admit it, you’ve been there, binged it), and a former SpaceX programmer, Supersuit brought evolveVoucher’s security to stratospheric heights.

Braided Data Solutions™ was our primary partner in developing evolveVoucher. Providing both capital resources and technology experts, Braided turned a great idea into a reality.

ModernUp was founded by full-stack web developer Brandon Parise. Brandon took the specifications required by CJA Attorney and focused on security and ease of use to create the application that is now evolveVoucher. 

ModernUp was founded with two goals in mind: Help early-stage tech companies & startups maximize potential and develop proprietary software to allow businesses to operate more efficiently. This mission statement is a precise fit for the goals of evolveVoucher.

Nick Henderson is a genius when it comes to logo design. He asks a lot of questions (maybe more than lawyers do, believe it or not), and brings a huge knowledge bank to the discussion. His quick sketches in a neat notebook start materializing before your eyes until he’s come up with just the logo to express your ideas. See our Origin story for more.