Government’s new upload feature: FAIL

You may have heard eVoucher has a new update that will purportedly allow you to use your existing software to upload your time (but not expenses) into a CJA 20 or 30 (but not 21 or 31).

Wonder where they got that idea?

Problem is, much like before when they created eVoucher, they did not take CJA practitioners into account with their new feature. It doesn’t work. The problem is their CSV upload form is much too fussy. It won’t accept your current billing software uploads. We tried. It failed.

You know what does work? Every time? evolveVoucher. Why? Before we began building the solution, we went to our colleagues: we did a survey for the most common billing practice software; we asked for sample data; and we built a product that started with the CJA lawyer in mind. Not the other way around.

Now more robust than ever. Safe, secure, and time savings await.

HAVE YOU TRIED EVOUCHER UPLOADS YET? If you have, please share your experience with us: which billing software did you use, and could you get it to work? Email with your experience & we’ll give you a free upload for sharing your experience.