Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most typical errors you’ll encounter from eVoucher and how to fix them.

Question: My CJA 21 or 31 won’t update or won’t upload the slips and just waits or shows errors.

Answer: Your attorney probably created a CJA 21 or 31 that indicated the attorney would enter the data (Attorney vs Expert). Check your voucher. Does the upper left corner say “Read Only”? If so, that’s the problem. Ask the attorney to create a new voucher indicating the Expert will enter the data.

Question: I’m getting errors uploading my slips into a CJA30 (capital cases).

Possible Answer: CJA 20 and CJA 30 forms use different activity codes. You will need to update your billing softare with the additional codes and use those for your CJA 30 cases. 

Question: will evolveVoucher work with the new eVoucher consolidated login? 

Answer: Yes! Updated 23 February 2021

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