Can I use evolveVoucher?

Yes. We offer support for almost every practice style

Attorneys and Service Providers

evolveVoucher is meant to support the entire CJA community: Attorneys, investigators, interpreters, experts, everyone.  We support use of CJA 20 and 21, as well as CJA 30 and 31.

We offer direct support for the four main billing programs attorneys use: BillingsPro, Clio, Timesolv, Timeslips.

We also offer a custom excel spreadsheet for those who don’t use a practice management solution. Download the excel spreadsheet securely from within the app and enter your slips there. You maintain control over your data and just upload it when you’re ready to bill. Please use the included template as it is coded to correspond to evoucher; a generic excel will not.

**Due to complexities within evoucher itself, we are not currently able to support associate counsel who must bill on lead counsel’s CJA 20. We recommending seeing if your district will allow you to bill on your own CJA 20 or a CJA 21 instead.

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